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Lawn Care & Landscape Calendar

Below is a service schedule that would keep your lawn look great all year-round.

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SPRING - Mid-March thru Mid-May


    * Spring Clean-Up

    * Power Raking / Core Aeration

    * Turning over &/or Adding Mulch

    * Bed Edging and cultivating

    * Pre-emergent Preventative Fertilizer


    * Post-emergent Weed Control Fertilizer

    * Lawn Cutting

    * Cut Back Perennials for Summer as Needed

    * Summer Annual Plantings


SUMMER - Mid-May thru Mid-August


    * Inspect for Disease and Pests

    * Apply White Grub Control to Turf Areas as Needed

    * Fertilize Annuals to Encourage Repeated Blooming

    * Re-Edge Beds


    * Pruning of Bushes as Needed

    * Lawn Cutting (raising mower blades as needed to prevent lawn burning)


    * Treat lawn for Grubs and Japanese Beetle eggs

    * Apply Lawn Fertilization

    * Mid-August Begin Lawn Seeding


FALL - Mid-August thru Mid-November


    * Core Aeration of  Lawn and Overseeding


    * Re-Edge Beds and cultivating


    * Planting of Trees, Bushes Perennials and Bulbs

    * Mid-September End of Lawn Seeding (adjusting as weather permits)

    * Lawn Cutting (lowering mower blades as needed)


    * Cut Back Perennials for Winter as Needed

    * Removal of Annual Plantings

    * Fall Clean Up


WINTER - Mid-November thru Mid-March


    * Sign up for Snow Services